A collection of advanced technology

JS-TAAB air-bearing tangent tonearm applied a series of advanced materials and techniques, it can make a wide sound stage, dark background, strong dynamic, and perfectly pick up the audio signal in the vinyl track. It will be an indispensable tool for audiophile to achieve best vinyl playback effect.

Nanometre material Air Bearing

JS-TAAB air-bearing tangent tonearm was independently developed by Jasmine Audio, The air  bushing is made by nanometre materialcan supply high air pressure, high load ability. It is a new innovative product in China, it is the patent technology of Jasmine Audio.

High Pressure Nanometre Air Bearing

The air bearing ensure the highest accuracy possible in frictionless movement and positioning. The gap between the shaft and bearing is only 5 microns of an mm. This gives rigid friction less bearing withstanding over 10 kg load. Such bearing gives cartridge zero vibration and zero movements in unwanted directions allowing cartridge to collect only musical information from the grooves.

Dual Carbon Tubes

JS-TAAB air-bearing tangent tonearm used the dual carbon tubes for each signal channel, better S/N ratio, can avoided the signal interference of left and right channel, improve the quality of sound reproduction in your analogue system.


    Effective Length

    175 mm

    Pivot to Spindle Distance

    230 mm

    Air-bearing Type

    high air pressure,high load- Effective



    Tonearm Weight


    Offset Angle

    0 degree

    Tracking Distortion



    adjustable by micrometer


    adjustable on headshell

    Mono Transmission

    dual carbon tubebetter S/N ratio

    Cartridge Weight

    6 gr ~ 18 gr

    Tonearm Cable

    Standard 5 din tonearm cable


    protractortonearm cableadaptercartridge screws