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About Jasmine Audio

Jasmine brand come from a famous Chinese song Jasmine flower, Jasmine Audio also achieved very high popularity in the HIFI industry of the world through many years of development.

Jasmine Audio is a well-known HIFI brand from China, the founder Michael Yee have been committed to the research of core technology of vinyl products and participated in R&D works for multiple brands.

Jasmine developed the blue and white porcelain series of cartridges Dragon, Tiger, Bird, Turtlewhich were awarded by the American audio magazine Positive-Feedback Onlinefor significant contributions to the audio arts in 2014

To combines utensil aesthetics and sophisticated technology, Jasmine also supply a series of products for audiophile over the world, to achieve a new experience in audio and vision, to make the product harmonious with the environment, and to provide an unprecedented aesthetic enjoyment for modern life. 

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Product Service

Product Service


Jasmine Audio Co., Ltd. is a professional provider of record playback system. Since its founding in 2001, Jasmine provided global customers with the system design, R & D and production services, including turntable, phono cartridge, tonearm, phono stage, amplifier, etc.

Jasmine Audio own a complete vinyl industrial chain from R&D to production and marketing. It is unique in China, own the precision R&D and original design ability of the cartridge and tonearm. Jasmine provide professional ODM and OEM service according to customer requirements.