Exquisite structure, HIFI kernel

Through scientific structure design, the tonearm and the platter are in a unified resonant platform, synchronous vibration, so as to achieve relative quiescence, ensure the cartridge steadily tracking music curve.

Magnetically Levitated Platter, Isolation vibration, less friction.

The magnetic floating bearing, the vertical axis out of the bottom contact, greatly reduces the friction force between the spindle and the shaft sleeve. At the same time, the elasticity of the magnetic field can effectively filter the external vibration interference, let the platter rotating speed more stable and achieve more pure sound.

Full direction anti-vibration Foot Stand, Patent technology

The four foot stands of MORE turntable adopted composite structure design, can effectively filter the vibration interference from the vertical and horizontal direction.

Wireless transmission, Chainless listening

MORE Turntable come with CSR8670 Bluetooth 4.0 transmission chip, can lossless transmit vinyl music to speaker or headphone.

Excellent tonearm, Accurate pickup performance

9 inch carbon wand, scientific anti-vibration couple design, excellent tracking parameters, let the tracking distortion is below than 0.8%.


  • Base Wood

    470*310*30 mm
  • Platter

  • Bearing

    Magnetic Floating
  • Tonearm

    JS-TA224 9 inch arm
  • Motor

    33 1/3rpm,45rpm adjustable
  • Belt

    Round belt,880*2mm
  • Speed

    33 1/3, 45rpm adjustable
  • Speed Accuracy

    < 0.03%
  • Flutter

    ±0.01 %
  • SNR

  • Stand

    4 * 360 Anti-vibration foot
  • Power Input

    DC 12V / 2A
  • Power Consumption

    < 10W