Continue classics and inherit analog technology

Jasmine TB297 tonearm has absorbed the essence of the best tonearm design in history, and has optimized the tracking parameters through the scientific tracking algorithm, and adopted modern precision machining technology and new materials.
Dynamic balance tracking force

Make the stylus run more stable, playback sound more HI-FI.
Reasonable and classic mechanical design

The design concept is the love and salute to the era of analog music.
Excellent tracking performance

The maximum tracking distortion is less than 0.5%. No matter in the outer ring or the inner ring, you will not encounter the distortion problem of sound.


    JS-TB297 Specification:

    Effective length: 309mm
    Pivot to Spindle distance: 297mm
    Overhang: 12mm
    Offset angle: 16.9 degree
    Peak Distortion: <= 0.5%
    Null points: 61.60mm/118.06mm
    Cartridge weight: min. 5, max. 17 g
    Effective mass (without headshell): 5 g
    Packing Size: 470 * 185 * 180mm
    Packing Weight: 2.5 Kg